12 LinkedIn Digital Marketing Moguls You Should Be Following


Fun fact about LinkedIn: the platform drives over 50% of social media traffic to B2B sites. If you're not already using LinkedIn to connect with your audience and industry influencers, now's a good time to start.

LinkedIn digital marketing moguls to follow

Here are 12 of our favorite digital marketers to follow on LinkedIn.

1. Noah Kagan | Chief Sumo at Sumo.com

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

One of the internet's most influential digital marketing experts, Noah Kagan is a delightful addition to your LinkedIn feed. When he's not "making things and eating tacos", Noah's sharing relevant videos and snackable posts that contain nuggets of wisdom for businesses of all sizes.

2. Neville Medhora | Owner at Kopy Group, LLC

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

Neville is the head honcho over at KopywritingKourse.com. Follow him on LinkedIn for inspirational quotes and insights on successful marketing campaigns from household names. Subscribe to his blog and newsletter for regular copywriting tips and life lessons with a side of humor.

3. Jason Vana | Founder at SHFT Marketing

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

The master of crafting quality, consistent, and relevant content, Jason Vana is a must-follow for marketers. #SassyJason's weekly insights complete with GIFs are a highlight.

4. Philip Kuehnen | Growth Evangelist at ZyraTalk

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

We'll be the first to admit we're biased, because Philip is our very own Growth Evangelist. Complete with fresh examples and insights, his posts on digital marketing go against the grain.

5. Andy Crestodina | Author, Co-founder of Orbit Media

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

Author of the award-winning content bible Content Chemistry, Andy Crestodina is one of our favorite LinkedIn digital marketing moguls. Follow him for expert advice on everything from SEO to creating impactful content.

6. Ross Simmonds | CEO of Foundation Marketing

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

Ross specializes in content creation for B2B brands. His LinkedIn posts reflect that expertise and share sage advice for brands looking to improve their content marketing framework and strategies.

7. Kathy Klotz-Guest | Founder, Keeping It Human, Inc.

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

"Truth-slinging founder" Kathy Klotz-Guest knows how to speak her audience's language. She skillfully blends improv with business to bring a fresh perspective to the realm of brand storytelling. Her LinkedIn posts are refreshingly down-to-earth.

8. Tyler Burch | Director of Digital Marketing at BoardActive

digital marketers to follow on linkedin

Tyler challenges preconceived notions in marketing. In his LinkedIn posts, Tyler goes for the throat of best practices to offer crisp perspectives.

9. Clara Shih | CEO at Hearsay Systems

Boasting over half a million followers, it's safe to say Hearsay Systems CEO Clara Shih is one of the most influential LinkedIn digital marketers to follow. Clara's "human-first" philosophy is one of the biggest drivers of her success. Her LinkedIn articles are a must-read for marketers in all industries.

10. Vartika Kashyap | CMO at Proofhub

Vartika is committed to making businesses more productive. She shares relevant resources on productivity and project management and crafts insightful LinkedIn articles on leadership.

11. String Nguyen | Founder of StringStory Media and The Trusted Voice

String is one of LinkedIn's most influential and relatable voices. Her love of fried chicken is a big part of her personal and professional brand. Her LinkedIn newsletter String's Theory contains all sorts of actionable advice for standing out and cultivating confidence.

12. Goldie Chan

Last but most certainly not least on our list of LinkedIn digital marketing gurus to follow is Goldie Chan. This chartreuse-haired influencer is affectionately dubbed "the Oprah of LinkedIn". Keep an eye out on Forbes for new articles on personal branding and storytelling. Be sure to follow #DailyGoldie on LinkedIn for a daily dose of wisdom.

Wrapping up

Follow these LinkedIn digital marketing mavens to curate a feed you won't want to stop scrolling. Like this post? Share it with your team! (And if you feel so inclined to give the ZyraTalk page a follow, we'd really appreciate it.)